Bon Jovi

Released in 1984

Bon Jovi - The Videos

Bon Jovi filmed 2 videos for the promotion of Runaway and Only Lonely. Both videos were hard to find until YouTube came along. Both videos would be released on a VHS called "Breakout" a year later, including 4 videos from 7800 Fahrenheit as well.

Runaway She Don't Know Me

What not many fans know however is how the band released a video single exclusively for Japan back in 1984 after their Super Rock performances. This is a hard to find VHS including 4 songs from the Super Rock show at Saitama. None of the videos have showed up on Bon Jovi's official YouTube channel.

TE0449-V VHS
1. She Don't Know Me (live)
2. Breakout (live)
3. Get Ready (live)
4. Runaway (live)

August 11, 1984,
Seibu Lions Stadium,
Tokyo, Japan

Later on, a Laser Disc was released in Japan only of the Super Rock performances and included 2 songs from Bon Jovi on it. Although all songs are widely available in the bootleg circuit these are the only official sources available.
78C586089 LD
1. Opening
2. Metal On Metal
3. School Love
Bon Jovi
4. Get Ready
5. Runaway
6. Blackout
7. Big City Nights
White snake
8. Gambler
9. Love Ain't No Stranger
10. Slow An' Easy
Michael Schenker Group
11. Cry For The Nations
12. I'm Gonna Make You Mine
13. Doctor.Doctor