Slippery When Wet

Released in 1986

December 2, 1986

Set list:
1. Pink Flamingos
2. Raise Your Hands
3. Breakout
4. Tokyo Road
5. You Give Love A Bad Name
6. Livin' On A Prayer
- Drum Solo
- Guitar Solo
7. In And Out Of Love
8. Runaway

9. Wanted Dead Or Alive
10. The Boys Are Back In Town
11. Drift Away

Songs played per album, Pink Flamingos and Let It Rock are one song on the album. If both are played in one concert they still count for 1 song in this graph:

A graph showcasing the order of album and single tracks. A peak indicates a song having been released as a single, thus a crowd possibly knowing such a song. The more peaks, the more familiar a crowd is with the entire set.

- Wild In The Streets, Silent Night and Let It Rock were all dropped.
- Drift Away was added to the encore.

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Audio: Yes
Video: No