Slippery When Wet

Released in 1986


August 22, 1987

Set list:
1. Pink Flamingos
2. Raise Your Hands
3. I'd Die For You
4. Tokyo Road
5. You Give Love A Bad Name
6. Wild In The Streets
7. Not Fade Away
8. Never Say Goodbye
9. Livin' On A Prayer
10. Let It Rock
/ We Will Rock You
- Guitar Solo
- Drum Solo
11. Get Ready
12. Runaway

13. Wanted Dead Or Alive
14. Drift Away
15. Travelin' Band
16. We're An American Band

- Paul Stanley, Bruce Dickenson and Dee Snider joined the band on Travelin' Band. After the performance, Bruce Dickenson saluted the crowd saying "see you next year", hinting at Iron Maiden headlining the festival in 1988.
- The band went to Europe for a one off show at the Monsters Of Rock festival.
- This was the first time Bon Jovi headlined a show in Europe and it sure made an impression on the band, for a long time they'd mention this show as one of their most memorable and it certainly was one of the most memorable shows of the Slippery When Wet tour.

The stage: Although Bon Jovi were headlining Dio got the biggest banners.

An advertisment in the newspaper. Notice the ticketprices. The times sure have changed.

Other set lists:

1. In From The Outside
2. Save Me
3. Night Songs
4. Push Push
5. Back Home Again
6. Gypsy Road
7. Shake Me

1. On Your Knees
2. Love Machine
3. Wild Child
4. I Fuck Like A Beast
5. I Wanna Be Somebody
6. Harder Faster
7. Blind In Texas

1. Among The Living
2. Caught In A Mosh
3. Madhouse
4. I Am The Law
5. Medusa
6. Indians
7. God Save The Queen
8. A.I.R.
9. I'm The Man

1. Ecstacy of Gold
2. Creeping Death
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls
4. Fade to Black
5. Leper Messiah
6. Phantom Lord
7. Fade to Black
8. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
9. Seek & Destroy
10. Master of Puppets
11. Run To The Hills
12. Last Caress
13. Am I Evil?
14. Damage Inc.
15. Battery

1. Stand Up And Shout
2. Dream Evil
3. Neon Knights
4. Naked In The Rain
5. Rock 'N' Roll Children
6. Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
7. Rock 'N' Roll Children
8. The Last In Line
9. Holy Diver
- Drum Solo
10. Heaven And Hell
11. Man On The Silver Mountain
12. All The Fools Sailed Away
13. The Last In Line
14. Sunset Superman
15. Rainbow In The Dark
16. We Rock

The official promo poster:

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Audio: Yes
Video: No