New Jersey

Released in 1988

June 11, 1989

Set list:
1. Lay Your Hands On Me
2. I'd Die For You
3. Wild In The Streets
4. You Give Love A Bad Name
5. Tokyo Road
6. Born To Be My Baby
7. Let It Rock
8. I'll Be There For You
9. Blood On Blood
10. Drift Away
11. Runaway
12. Livin' On On A Prayer

13. Gimme Some Lovin'
14. Wild Thing
15. Wanted Dead Or Alive
16. Bad Medicine

Songs played per album:

A graph showcasing the order of album and single tracks. A peak indicates a song having been released as a single, thus a crowd possibly knowing such a song. The more peaks, the more familiar a crowd is with the entire set.

- Bon Jovi did a huge soundcheck for this show:
1. You Give Love A Bad Name
2. Bad Medicine
3. I'd Die For You
4. Lay Your Hands On Me
5. You Give Love A Bad Name
6. I'd Die For You
7. Blood On Blood
8. Wanted Dead Or Alive
9. Lay Your Hands On Me
Normally the band would either leave it up to the crew to do a soundcheck or would run through the occasional 2 songs, but tonight was different with the band gearing up for what would be one of their most impressive shows of their career.
- The entire show was recorded for a possible live release, but the product was shelved and only I'll Be There For You and Lay Your Hands On Me made it as b-sides for singles released in the 90's.
- Sam Kinison had filmed a video for The Troggs' Wild Thing featuring many artists from the hair metal genre. During the encore Bon Jovi surprised the audience with a live performance of the song and members of Skid Row and Billy Squier joining them on stage.
- Skid Row supported Bon Jovi on this tour. The set list of Skid Row is unknown.

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