New Jersey

Released in 1988

December 6, 1989

Set list:
1. Lay Your Hands On Me
2. I'd Die For You
3. Wild In The Streets
4. You Give Love A Bad Name
5. Born To Be My Baby
6. Let It Rock
7. Living In Sin
8. Blood On Blood
9. Livin' On On A Prayer
10. Never Say Goodbye
11. Get Ready

12. Wanted Dead Or Alive
13. Bad Medicine
/ Gloria

Songs played per album:

A graph showcasing the order of album and single tracks. A peak indicates a song having been released as a single, thus a crowd possibly knowing such a song. The more peaks, the more familiar a crowd is with the entire set.

- Dan Reed Network supported Bon Jovi on this European leg. The set list of Dan Reed Network is unknown.
- Never Say Goodbye replaced I'll Be There For You.
- Get Ready replaced Runaway

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