New Jersey

Released in 1988

January 10, 1990

Set list:
1. Goin' Back (acoustic)
2. Never Say Goodbye (acoustic)
3. Shooting Star (acoustic)
4. Wanted Dead Or Alive (acoustic)
5. Livin' On A Prayer (acoustic)
6. Love For Sale
7. We All Sleep Alone
8. It's My Life / We Gotta Get Outta This Place
9. Cadillac Man
10. I'd Die For You
11. Wild In The Streets
12. Blood On Blood
13. The Boys Are Back In Town
14. Bad Medicine
15. You Keep Me Hanging On
16. Silent Night
17. Travellin' Band
18. Fever
19. Seven Days
20. Social Disease
21. Train Kept A Rollin'
22. Good Golly Miss Molly
23. With A Little Help From My Friends

Songs played per album:

A graph showcasing the order of album and single tracks. A peak indicates a song having been released as a single, thus a crowd possibly knowing such a song. The more peaks, the more familiar a crowd is with the entire set.

- This show was done by Bon Jovi as a special thank you to their audiences in London. Obviously by looking at the set list this wasn't just any show. Over half of it are covers of songs that had inspired the band over the years.
- Cadillac Man was a new song the band had written. It nowadays is a song many die hards wish the band had released on a forthcoming record or just as a b-side on one of their singles. When the box set was released in 2004 many hoped Cadillac Man would make an appearance but this was not the case. It is very possible that a studio version doesn't exist though.
- Silent Night made a surprise appearance.
- Jimmy Page had told the band he'd be watching the band play and was invited on stage to jam along on the last 3 songs. The whole band was excited of having such a legend join them as opposed to the legend inviting the rookies.
- This show was supposed to be a one off so the band would have a week of rest before starting the South American leg of the tour. Their manager however booked several more nights.

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